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Deceptive GDP figures

Germany has surpassed Japan in GDP statistics, but the change in ranking is deceptive. Both countries are facing a recession. But while the debate over the appropriate response continues here, action is being taken in Japan.
OpinionJapan vs. Germany
von Claus Döring

Lindner calls for reforms – also in Germany's financial sector

Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (FDP) discussed the aftermath of Brexit with entrepreneurs and financial market representatives in London. He sees a need for reforms in Germany.
Trip to London
von Angela Wefers

Germany is turning into a "digital colony"

German companies are increasingly becoming digitally dependent, particularly on the United States and China. Bitkom calls for increased investments in "key technologies with leverage effect."
Bitkom survey
von Heidi Rohde

Cash deserves absolute protection

The future acknowledgment of cash as a payment method in Germany is not assured. Nevertheless, it is crucial for society to maintain analog payments in a digitized world.
OpinionMeans of payment
von Martin Pirkl

Relegation battle

Germany is failing in every possible way: inadequate market measures, excessive central planning and bureaucracy, escalating social costs, deteriorating infrastructure, rising energy prices, and a diminishing appeal for highly skilled individuals. Yet, Berlin remains committed to the misguided path.
EditorialEconomic location Germany
von Stephan Lorz

German banks face increasing pressure to merge

While banks in France, Spain, and Italy experienced a significant number of closures years ago, the consolidation trend in Germany started later. Currently, the reduction of banks in Germany is more substantial than in the entire Eurozone.
Shrinking number of institutions
von Jan Schrader

Answers to the shortage of skilled labour in Germany

Germany is running out of labour. This jeopardises the business location. There are several levers that promise relief.
Future of work
von Anna Steiner

Germany as a centre of research in danger of losing touch

As a centre of research for the chemical industry, Germany is in danger of losing out. There are many reasons for this.
Chemical industry
von Annette Becker

Gray and black define the German auto industry

The German automotive industry had a relatively good year. But there are deficits, particularly evident in China.
OpinionAutomotive industry
von Joachim Herr

Journey through time in the Bundesbank bunker

During the Cold War, the Bundesbank discreetly stored almost 15 billion Deutsche Marks in cash within a Cochem bunker. In the event of an emergency, these funds could have replaced existing banknotes. Since 2016, the facility has been transformed into a museum.
Noted inFrankfurt
von Tobias Fischer

"The Market Is Gearing Up For a Very Strong IPO Window"

Despite disappointing market debuts in recent months, Lynn Martin expects IPO activity to pick up in the new year. As NYSE Group's President points out, the world's largest stock exchanges has a highly valuable IPO backlog. Additionally, Martin wants to welcome more German companies.
InterviewLynn Martin, NYSE
von Alex Wehnert

Electric car models are getting smaller

The availability of electric cars with purely battery-powered engines remains limited in the smallest size categories. But some manufacturers are now targeting the segment with prices below 25,000 euros.
AnalysisNew car models
von Joachim Herr

The cigars of Ludwig Erhard are still aglow

The Economic Council of the CDU advocates for a market-oriented change in policy on its 60th anniversary.
60 years of economic council of the CDU
von Andreas Heitker

Many retailers in Germany face closure

A recession is not overcome by Christmas spirit and twinkling lights. Therefore, many retailers in Germany are threatened with closure next year.
EditorialRetail sector
von Martin Dunzendorfer

Wirecard trial faces delays

The Wirecard criminal trial before the Munich Regional Court enters its second year. This extensive legal process will eventually conclude with a verdict. But until then, there is still a long road ahead.
EditorialFraud case
von Stefan Kroneck

Bitter reality check for the German auto industry

There is a significant gap in the federal finances following the decision of Germanys highest court regarding the reallocation of Covid19-related budget to the Climate and Transformation Fund. After a reality check at the automotive summit, new ideas are needed on how to proceed with the promotion of electromobility.
OpinionAutomotive Summit
von Carsten Steevens

Chip location Germany in jeopardy

A fear is circulating that the missing billions from the public sector due to the budget freeze could jeopardize the construction of new chip factories, particularly those of Intel and TSMC, in Germany. However, this threatening backdrop is exaggerated.
EditorialNew chip factories in Germany
von Stefan Kroneck

Start-ups in Europe are scaling back on personnel growth

Start-ups in Europe are significantly slowing down their workforce expansion this year. The hiring rate, especially for late-stage companies, has sharply declined compared to the previous year, as an analysis shows. For the majority, a short-term increase in staff is currently not a priority.
Financing crisis
von Karolin Rothbart

Germanys boutique scene is recomposing

Acquisitions, spin-offs, and new players: The German landscape for M&A and corporate finance advisors is reorganizing itself.
AnalysisCorporate finance consultants
von Philipp Habdank und Christoph Ruhkamp

The Rentenbank is working on the assessment of sustainability in agriculture

When the Agricultural Bank extends financing to farmers, the commercial banks transmit to it highly varied non-financial indicators about the ultimate borrowers. CEO Nikola Steinbock is currently exploring with banking associations and industry representatives how to standardize this dataset.
A conversation withNikola Steinbock
von Detlef Fechtner

How start-ups use artificial intelligence to promote animal welfare

Whether it's the rapid determination of gender in chicken eggs, early detection of swine cough, or automated bird observation in offshore wind farms, companies are harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence not only for human needs but increasingly for the protection of wildlife. Sometimes, they even receive multimillion-dollar investments for these endeavors.
AnalysisStartup scene
von Karolin Rothbart

Hangover follows Germany's "fiber optics" gold rush

Fiber optics as an asset class has lost some of its charm. Especially traditional government bonds entice with a significantly more attractive risk-return profile.
EditorialTelecom infrastructure
von Heidi Rohde

Lessons to be learned from the Benko case

The downfall of René Benko illustrates how dangerous it is for entrepreneurs to refuse transparency and control. They harm themselves in the process.
EditorialCorporate Governance
von Helmut Kipp

Private equity available for as little as 1 Euro

Financial investors are hopeful for new inflows from retail investors' wallets amid a fundraising lull. Eltif funds with low minimum investment amounts are gathering capital.
AnalysisRetail investors
von Christoph Ruhkamp