“It is quite normal if we do not always agree on everything”

Unlike the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England this week, the European Central Bank (ECB) raised its key interest rates last week. But what's next? In the interview, Pablo Hernández de Cos, Governor of the Bank of Spain, talks about this and other topics.
InterviewPablo Hernández de Cos, Bank of Spain

Engine issues are slowing down airlines

Unplanned maintenance of engines has resulted in aircraft remaining on the ground for extended periods. Airlines are now seeking financial compensation from engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, setting the stage for an interesting battle, as Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr believes.
Engine problems

How economic criminals carry out their activities

Misdirected payments, excessive orders, purported urgent requests from the boss: the threat from economic criminals is omnipresent. Many perpetrators emerge from within the organization.
Allianz Trade damage statistics

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Sewing: "Have not lived up to our responsibility"

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing apologizes to customers for the Postbank debacle. The bank intends to fully resolve the issues by the end of the year.
Postbank IT fiasco

European VC firms remain boys' clubs

The fact that women are underrepresented in the German and European startup ecosystems can also be attributed to the lack of diversity among investors, as demonstrated by a study. The industry does not expect quick progress in this regard.
Venture capital study

US investor Josh Wander is building a football empire

No other football investor has recently garnered as much attention as Josh Wander of 777 Partners. His approach is characterized by careful planning, even though success can be a long journey with investments like Hertha BSC.
777 Partners

"There is still a lot of restrictive impulse in the pipeline"

Last week, the ECB raised its key interest rates for the tenth time in a row. The big question is whether this marks the peak of interest rates. In the interview, Yannis Stournaras, Governor of the Bank of Greece, talks about the current situation and outlook.
InterviewYannis Stournaras, Bank of Greece

EU resolution authority attests banks "good progress"

Most banks have built up sufficient buffers to involve owners and shareholders in the costs of rescue in the event of a crisis. For the remaining banks, the deadline is approaching.
Crisis preparedness

Poor performance

The stock market comeback of Arm is impressive, but it also raises serious doubts about the merits of the preceding going private, which had always been praised by financial investors.
EditorialSemiconductor designer

Energy subsidies need a coherent overall concept

High energy prices threaten the economic position of Germany. However, fragmented state interventions are not sufficient.
OpinionVAT dispute

Four-day workweek debate is gaining momentum

A pilot study is set to test the four-day workweek in Germany. Advocates are aiming for increased productivity and gender equality. However, the long-term effects remain unexplored. Meanwhile, the trade union IG Metall is backing away from its demand for shorter weekly working hours for the 2024 collective bargaining negotiations.
Pilot study on the way

Stress test for the Olympic Games

For the French security, tourism, and transportation industries, the Rugby World Cup serves as a kind of dress rehearsal for the 2024 Olympic Games. Moreover, it's also lucrative because rugby fans tend to spend significantly more money than football fans.
Rugby World Cup

Private equity aims to end M&A slump

Investment bankers are hoping for an end to the M&A slump through private equity deals. "Financial investors are under enormous pressure to invest due to an estimated worldwide dry powder of more than 2 trillion dollars", says Sebastian Bladt, Germany's M&A chief at J.P. Morgan, to Börsen-Zeitung.

Villeroy & Boch completes largest acquisition in its 275-year corporate history

Villeroy & Boch is acquiring all the operational companies of its Belgian competitor, Ideal Standard, for a purchase price of 430 million euros, marking the largest acquisition in its 275-year corporate history. As a result, the group's revenue for 2022 on a pro forma basis would increase from just under 1 billion euros to approximately 1.7 billion euros.
Ceramics manufacturer

Shadowboxing over Europe's Debt Pact

The financial markets are awaiting a signal of clarity by the end of the year regarding the future of the EU fiscal rules. A timely agreement is becoming increasingly unlikely.
OpinionEU fiscal rules

ATM explosions on a daily basis

Statistically speaking, a cash machine explodes in Germany every day. Banks and savings banks are trying to counteract this with preventive measures such as fogging systems, security services, or reduced cash holdings.
OpinionFinancial crime

A shot of tequila for the ECB cocktail

How to get ahead of the curve through decisive monetary action is something ECB President Lagarde and her board could study in Mexico. Adding a touch more tequila could also benefit the monetary cocktail of the ECB.
Monetary policy

Day X is approaching for BMW leadership

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse will reach the in-house age limit of 60 years for board members in 2024. Hence, the decision regarding a succession plan is drawing closer.
PersonaliaCar manufacturer

Cum-ex trial against Olearius fuels ownership question

The Cum-ex trial against former Warburg Bank CEO and shareholder Christian Olearius could also raise questions about his role within the ownership circle. The financial supervision authority is examining his suitability in an ownership control procedure, potentially opening the dorr for an external investors entry.
Warburg Bank

Milestone for the Belgian cowboy

Belgian e-bike manufacturer Cowboy claimed to be profitable for the first time in July. This is quite remarkable, especially in the wake of the bankruptcy of its Dutch rival VanMoof. It is demonstrating that the market for stylish, smart bicycles might indeed be viable.

Proximity alone isn't a sufficient location advantage

Frankfurt has many advantages as a financial location. However, it lacks political support. This was noted by Lutz Diederichs, head of the German branch of the French multinational bank BNP Paribas, during the kick-off event 'Finanzplatz Deutschland'.
Kick-off Event 'Finanzplatz Deutschland'

Telecom companies are looking for a lifeline

Arab investors are welcome to European telecom companies. As mostly silent major shareholders, they form a protective shield against activists and takeovers. But every medal has two sides...
AnalysisAnchor shareholders

This might not be the end of it for the ECB

The European Central Bank has raised its key interest rates again. It's not clear if this marks the conclusion of their efforts to tighten monetary policy, but one thing is certain: interest rate cuts won't be happening anytime soon.
OpinionInterest rate decision