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Booij succeeds Peters as CEO of Eurex

Commencing July, Robert Booij is slated to take on the position of CEO at Eurex, succeeding Michael Peters. Booij, a Dutch executive, currently serves as the Europe CEO at ABN Amro Clearing Bank, a major player in the derivatives market.

Booij succeeds Peters as CEO of Eurex

The leading European futures exchange, Eurex, which is part of the Deutsche Börse Group, is getting a new CEO. Robbert Booij, a Dutch national, will join the Eurex Frankfurt board on May 1 and is slated to take over as CEO two months later, succeeding Michael Peters, who is retiring in late summer.

Booij studied in Utrecht and Amsterdam, where he completed the "International Finance" program. Thirteen years ago, he joined ABN Amro Clearing Bank, where he held various positions, including Managing Director of the institute's UK branch. Since spring 2018, Booij has been in a central position as the Chief Executive Officer for Europe at ABN Amro Clearing Bank. His experience in customer relations and contacts, along with his extensive background in clearing business and industry connections, are expected to benefit him in his new role at Eurex. Booij has been actively involved with the Futures Industry Association (FIA), a global association for futures, options, and centrally cleared derivatives markets, where virtually all major banks engaged in derivatives activities worldwide are members. Additionally, Booij has a special connection to Eurex, as he served as a representative of ABN Amro Clearing on the Eurex Exchange Council.

Market disruptor Eurex

Michael Peters will oversee the transition to his successor before retiring in September. Peters has actively accompanied the rise of Eurex, which emerged 25 years ago from the merger of the German Futures Exchange (DTB) and the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (Soffex). He was previously involved with the predecessor, DTB, in the 1990s before working for Swedish OMX for several years.

Peters has accompanied the impressive development of Eurex closely, founded at a time when floor trading still dominated the exchange business. The first fully automated futures exchange with a fully integrated clearing house significantly disrupted the market. The dramatic race between London and Frankfurt for the Bund Future, which eventually returned to trading on the continent, illustrates the disruptive nature emanating from Eurex. Turnover increased tenfold over the 25 years of Eurex's history, making Eurex a crucial part of the Deutsche Börse Group's market value today. Thomas Book, a member of the Deutsche Börse Executive Board, and responsible for trading and clearing, praised Peters' "outstanding contribution and commitment" to Eurex's success. In an interview with Eurex Clearing CEO Erik Müller last year, both expressed confidence that the course for further growth was set.