Some thoughts and some things to do on the weekend...

...collected for you by Sebastian Schmid

Some thoughts and some things to do on the weekend...

I don't know if you live in Frankfurt and if so, since when you've been here. But to me, the most beautiful time of the year in and around Frankfurt is beginning right now. Late summer/ early autumn in the Taunus and along the Main river with the changing of colors, mild weather, and the last long days of the year is not a time to be gloomy, even if a glance at the stock portfolio might have been more unpleasant recently than in other months.

So to every expat who may not feel at home here as of now: Let me assure you that you are not in the wrong place. The train station may be a mess, the trains may be late, the city may take forever to set up more bike racks in the municipal center. Still, Frankfurt is a welcoming place. The skyscraper capitol of continental Europe may have slipped down to second place behind Hamburg in the 2023 SKL Happiness Atlas of German cities. But it is a close second place. And in a British ranking of international financial centers, Frankfurt has made it into the top 15, even surpassing Paris. Although not with regard to the cost of living.

A significant drop in inflation that has just been reported is certainly not detrimental to the quality of life here. However, I do wonder if Spaghetti Eis has been appropriately considered in the price increase calculation. In my ice cream parlor in the Taunus, it has become over a third more expensive in just a year, now costing a hefty 8 euros. I might consider saving the trip to the ice cream parlor on the weekend and instead supporting the largest English-language theater in continental Europe. It's still fighting for its survival, and the play "The Vanishing Room" surely offers better value for money than a Spaghetti Eis. And as I was typing this, tickets were still available.

Looking for an alternative? Frankfurt is a city by the river, and as such, many folk festivals are located close to the water. The series of popular festivals along the Main River, including the Museumsuferfest and the Osthafen-Festival, will be enriched by another event this Saturday. For the first time, the Westhafenfest will take place in the Gutleutviertel district. Eight bands will perform from 2 PM to 10 PM, and the event will conclude with a fireworks display. The good September weather and the opportunity to experience a  a new event which will hopefully turn into a tradition from its inception make it inviting to participate.

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope you enjoy it as well as the articles I have selected for you today.


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